No More Spilled Pet Food

Ever pick up a big bag of cat or dog food at your local pet store, only to notice a trickle of pieces spilling out the bottom due to a bad seal on the bag?  Speaking from experience, this does not make for a very satisfied customer.  I will most certainly put that bag back and grab a different one instead. 

Badly sealed food bags can lead to all sorts of problems.  These opened bags likely will not get purchased, resulting in wasted food and lost sales for the pet store.  If the bags are caught at the pet food packaging facility before being filled, they can lead to process downtime to remove the bad bags, as well as waste material due to scrapping the rejected bags.    If the bags are caught at the bag manufacturer, they most likely will need to be scrapped as well, because it is not always possible to re-seal a bag. 

More efficient cooling of the original hot melt used to seal the bags will eliminate most of these problems.  So, I readily recommended a 36″ Aluminum Super Air Knifeand 2pc of our Universal Air Knife Mounting System to to resolve the issue.  The mounting system will allow for precise positioning of the air knife.  The air knife itself will provide a uniform curtain of air across the entire width of the bag to ensure complete and even cooling. 

The installation of these products will lead to less reject bags being sent to the pet food facilities for filling and then on to the pet stores for you to purchase for your four-legged friends.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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