Mixed Material Chips and Shavings Cleanup

I got a call last week from a guy who works for a signage and awning manufacturer.  They use many materials, including aluminum and plastic, to make their signs.  He was looking for a quick easy way to collect loose chips and shavings from the different machining operations around the plant.  Mixing of the materials was not a problem. 

I quickly recommended a Model 6293 Deluxe Chip Vac System.  It will easily mount to any standard open top drum and connect to a central compressed air supply line.  It comes with a drum dolly to allow for portability around the shop, as well as all sorts of cleanup tools to allow the user to access both large and small areas of the machines.  This unit will allow them to use one tool for all their dry material cleanup needs and collect everything into one central receptacle for quick and easy disposal.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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