Air Amplifiers Cool Mig Welded Parts

An automotive manufacturer who is making air coolers has a mig welding operation. The air coolers are placed on a rotary indexing table as the welds are made. The time from load to unload is about 20 minutes. The parts then go to a leak testing operation, but they are remaining too hot to go directly to the leak test immediately after welding.

Our customer saw an opportunity to speed production if they could find a way to cool the parts while on the indexing table. The EXAIR Model 120022 2″ Super Air Amplifier provided a compact, quiet and efficient solution for blowing large volume of air across the welded air coolers.

Our customer mounted a total of 4 Super Air Amplifiers, at the last four stations of the indexing table to provide constant air flow over the part to remove the heat buildup. The result is parts which are cool enough to bring immediately to the leak testing operation and increased production.

EXAIR’s Super Air Amplifiers are use for cooling, venting, and blow off across industry. They are available in 5 sizes and provide large volumes of air; 12-25 times the inlet air. The result is an efficient, hard working flow of air.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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