Super Air Knife Separates DVDs and Blu Ray Discs

I spoke to a controls and automation company recently who was working on a project to separate packaged DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs on a conveyor.  The two packaged products were intermixed on a conveyor, but needed to be separated prior to labeling, to ensure that the correct label was put on each package.  They were planning to achieve separation by ejecting the Blu-Ray discs off the line, and allowing the DVDs to continue into the labeler.  Then the collected Blu-Ray discs would be sent to a separate labeling machine.

Because the cases were laying flat on the conveyor, a flat air pattern would work well to achieve the proper ejection off the belt.  A Model 110003 3″ Aluminum Super Air Knife was selected as the best choice for the application.  It has instantaneous on/off response.  So, the airflow can easily be precisely controlled by a PLC or sensor, and a solenoid valve.  It also has a precise, forceful, and uniform airflow pattern.  This will ensure that only the Blu-Ray discs were ejected, and that they were fully ejected, to prevent any process interruption. 

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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