Compressed Air Energy Tip – Regulate End Use Pressure

If you begin counting the number of places you are using your compressed air utility, you will quickly recognize it as a large part of your manufacturing process and necessary.

Keeping the use of your compressed air system as efficient as possible can lower your energy costs, increase the life of the compressor and system components, and increase the areas where the compressed air can be used effectively.

Keeping your end use pressure levels as low as possible while still getting the job done plays an important role in the performance of your compressed air system. End use products like pressure regulators and engineered blow off products can help provide a supply of compressed air which is reliable and consistent.

Be aware of your end use applications and pay attention to the required pressure level for a successful application. A pressure regulator will play an important role to adjust your system to a reasonable pressure. You may discover no need to always operate the end uses at full line pressure.

You may have also changed some of your manufacturing processes along the way. These changes may allow you to remove some end uses or change them to be more efficient applications of compressed air.

Click Here for the U.S. Department of Energy action steps to get you on your way.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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