Replacing Gas Powered Sump Suckers

A dyeing machine builder was using gas-powered sump suckers to change fluids throughout their facility.

They spewed fumes throughout the plant, creating environmental issues; constantly needing LP fuel tanks changed and at the most inconvenient times. Batteries would run low, requiring a jump-start or replacement.

They purchased an air powered EXAIR model 6196 Reversible Drum Vac to compare performance. The results were impressive. The Reversible Drum Vac was  faster, quieter, smaller, safer, and with no smelly exhaust.

There was also a cost advantage. The cost of the Drum Vac was less than they spent on general maintenance and fuel for the gas-powered ones. Payback was within a few months and will continue to provide savings in the future as the Drum Vac has no moving parts and will operate indefinitely.

 The customer was so pleased that he provided us this testimonial:

I just received our reversible drum vac. It works great and looks like it will last a lifetime.We replaced two gas-powered sump suckers that constantly needed LP fuel, a battery boost (or a new battery) or oil change etc. Yours is faster, quieter, smaller, safer and no smelly exhaust.

 I spent less money on the Exair than I would have had to spend on general maintenance and fuel for the old mechanical ones. Payback will be quick.

Another customer satisfied with an EXAIR “built to last” product. 

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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