Super Ion Air Wipe Removes Chips From Composite Material

We all know that plastic and other composite materials can harbour quite a lot of static charge.  And movement or friction is a primary generator of this charge.  As the winter months continue to approach us, all sorts of static issues will continue to show their face. 

One call I received last week came from a customer whose company manufactures different types of material handling, storage, and transport products.  Part of their manufacturing process involves a pultrusion line that creates a 1-3/4″ OD continuous tube.  Once hardened, small slits are cut along the OD of this tube.  Because of both the travel motion of the tube and the slitting process itself, a static charge is continuously generated, and the shavings from the slitting process tend to stick to the outside of the tube.  This can cause false rejects in their inspection process.

So, I recommended that they install one of our 4″ Super Ion Air Wipes with Power Supply.  This unit will provide a 360° ring of ionized air to both eliminate the static charge and blow the chips off the surface of the tube.  This will allow a clean, static free part to advance to the subsequent stages of their manufacturing process.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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