Cold Gun Performs Double Duty

I got a call from an industrial supply company last week who had a customer looking for two solutions for one application.  They machine parts out of PEEK plastic.  The bit was getting too hot, creating warping and other heat-related damage.  And, not all the machining shavings were being fully removed from the parts.  Both of these problems were leading to an excess amount of rejected material.

I was able to recommend one product from our Spot Cooling line that would solve both problems.  I suggested they offer a Model 5315 Cold Gun with Dual Point Hose Kit.  One of the arms can be directed right at the bit to provide cooling.  The other can be directed at the point of cut, to ensure proper removal of the chips and shavings created. 

A quick, easy solution to handle two problems at one time and eliminate the rejected material issues.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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