Are you ready for some good news?

Unless you have your head buried under 3 feet of dirt, you are bound to hear all the bad news about the world economy, natural disasters, wars in foreign lands and un-rest in populations around the world. It seems when it comes to bad news it seems you can never get away from it. When there is good news, it seems to quickly get pushed aside for the former.

I’d like to bring to your attention some of the good news we were able to share with folks recently on various applications that make people’s lives easier or increase the productivity of their operation to a level they have never seen before.

One example is the guy who contacted me about his application to remove ethylene-glycol from his test fixture and needed a good way to do it neatly and quickly, so we introduced him to our Reversible Drum Vac system. He was amazed that he could even install a smaller diameter hose to get down into the small areas of the test fixture to remove the fluid.

Another customer needed to blow the debris from her thermoformed parts that was left over from a routing operation. The draw on the thermoformed part was up to 16 inches deep! And so she needed some hard-hitting Ion Air Jets  she could mount on to the end of her robot arm to manipulate around the part to clean things up a bit.

A third customer contacted me from Malaysia and needed to find a way to change the resin in his water softener system. The tanks were quite large and required staff to enter inside and scoop out the resin beads. Now they just connect a 2″ Line Vac up to some conveying hose and can clean the entire tank in a matter of about 2 hours. Previously, it would take all day to make the change.

At EXAIR, we work with customers all over the world to solve industrial application problems with our compressed air operated products. In most places around the world, we have local distributors who can help you on a more local and personal basis. If you are in need of help with your application, please contact us at EXAIR and we can either help you directly from here or through a local distributor.

Help is on the way!  How is that for some good news?

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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