Super Ion Air Knife Used in Making Golf Balls

Golf balls, in their simplest form are a hard, thermoformed plastic molded over a rubber core. Once the ball is formed, many subsequent steps to polish off parting lines from the mold and refine the overall finish of the dimpled exterior leave a layer of dust behind which can be attracted back to the ball surface by way of static electricity generated during these processes.

The customer, a well-known sports equipment manufacturer, contacted EXAIR to determine the best way to go about setting up an automatic blow off station using ionized airflow. After going over the details to determine if there were any limiting factors that might keep us from setting things up exactly how we wanted, we found that a combination of Super Ion Air Knives were the best way to go. One Super Ion Air Knife kit and one additional Super Ion Air Knife were set up to blow in at the ball which can spin on an axis in a fixture to allow for complete exposure to the ionized airflow.

A quick blowing with the Super Ion Air Knives was all it took to remove the debris and allow the customer to move on to printing and clear coating the balls.

If you have any sort of automated manufacturing process that involves generation of dust and debris similar to this, give some serious thought to use of the Super Ion Air Knife for blowing off of your product.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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