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 I received an overwhelming surprise this morning.  In my past blogs, I talked about recycling and my harrowing experience at the grocery trying to find chipotle mustard. The president of the company came to my cubicle and handed me his old I-Phone. He had upgraded to the new 3G and was going to trash the old one. After reading my blogs, he  was inspired to recycle the phone and help me with my grocery store problem. Wow! The president reads my blogs…awesome.

On the phone there is a shopping list application. This is way too cool. You type in the item, it adds it to your list and tells you where in the store it can be found. Guess what? Chipotle mustard is listed in ethnic foods! The downside to this  app is that it is associated with a website. So while I am busy at work earning the bacon, my wife via the internet can be adding bacon to my shopping list along with anything else that she wants me to pick up on the way home. Technology, is it great or what?

EXAIR is always on the leading edge of technology; in the way we communicate with our customers and with the air saving designs of our products. The digital age has transformed the way we all do business and EXAIR embraces that. We have made technical information more available through our extensive website. In the past, process engineers were dependant on the knowledge of their local distributor which understandably, may not have been all that extensive. We welcome customers to contact our engineers here at the factory either by an online chat, email, fax or phone.

A recent example is  our customer that reclaims old plastic bottles. He grinds them up, mixes pigments and oils, extrudes them into a flat sheet and  then dices them up into 1/4″ cubes. These are then bagged and sent to injection molders. The problem that he was having is separating out the bottle labels from the re-grind. Some are paper and others are highly pigmented plastic, both are unsuitable for reprocessing.

He contacted some distributors only to have to wait a week or so until their outside sales guy could make it in to see him. Then all they suggested was a blower which he tried before and it did not work. Taking matters into his own hands he started searching the internet and came across our website. He requested an online chat and that is how he and I hooked up. Within minutes he had his answer.

I suggested that he install an EXAIR air knife to blow the lighter stuff away.  I gave him pricing and delivery and the confidence of EXAIR’s 30 day unconditional guarantee. He placed the order and later told me that it worked perfect out of the box. He said that he should have gone to the internet first and saved himself time and grief. Is technology great or what!?

I enjoy sharing my experiences and would like to hear some of yours.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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