Cooling a Laminating Process

We have a customer who uses a large laminating machine to place a protective plastic coating on their product. These large panels are laminated two at a time and are manually removed from the process. As you will see int this video, they currently use two Soft Grip Safety Air Guns to manually cool the silicone blanket covering the product before they can remove it and get to the product.

I have found that with the video inserted into the blog, there is not a great deal to explain about the application. However it does show the effectiveness of removing heat from a material by just using ambient temperature compressed air. The temperature differential between the silicone pad and the compressed air temperature is great enough that even 80F compressed air is removing the heat.

Many times we use the analogy of using your breath to cool your coffee. Your breath is about 85-90F but still has the capacity to remove heat from your hot coffee because the coffee is significantly hotter at 170-180F. Many times customers think they must have a cold air source to cool, but it simply depends on the temperature of the surface you are trying to cool.

The same is true for this application, the silicone blanket is very hot and needs to be brought down to a temperature where they can touch it with the gloves they are wearing. Without the cooling from the Soft GRip Safety Air Gun the heat from the silicone blanket penetrates through the gloves and makes it difficult to properly remove the blanket. Fumbling with the hot blanket increased cycle times and created an unpleasant working environment.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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