Sucessful Business as Light Bulb Changer

America is truly the land of opportunity if you are willing to go for it. Recently I talked with a customer who was out of work and doing odd jobs for his church. One job he found particularly challenging was changing the flood lamps in a 30 foot ceiling. The conventional method is to erect scaffolding and climb up to the bulbs. 

Thinking outside the box he found that there were suction cups on the end of poles used for this purpose. What he found though, is that dust and grime collected on the surfaces over time, compromised the vacuum and they would drop the bulb bursting onto the floor.

Tenacious as he is, he did a web search for vacuum and came across EXAIR and that is how we met. I told him the problem with the push to vacuum cups is that they have no way to regenerate any leakage and that is why his bulbs were falling off.

 I suggested using our model 840008 E-Vac with a 6″ suction cup model 900761 . The suction cup was mounted on the end 30′ tube with an air line going down the center of it to an E-Vac at the other end. The E-vac maintained a consistent vacuum despite any leakage and the problem of broken light bulbs went away.

His Pastor suggested that other churches could use the services of his new invention and that was the beginning of new employment for him and another EXAIR success story.

If you have a challenge that you think one of EXAIR’s products could help you, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to go through it with you.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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