Tax Day #!%#*

Even though Newsweek says that Today Is the Best Tax Day of Your Life, most people won’t feel that way today.

Hopefully, your tax day doesn’t go like this…

or this…

If you find yourself scrambling to pay taxes this year, remember that we told you recently where to find free money.

We also launched the EXAIR Efficiency Lab earlier this month to help you improve your operations and save money.

We’ve posted over 800 detailed applications on our web site to show you where you can solve common problems and save more money.

We launch new, innovative and award-winning products year in and year out that can save you time, conserve energy and reduce expenses.

And we created a handful of online calculators to show you just how much money you can save with our Intelligent Compressed Air products.

In our 26 years in business, we’ve helped over 80,000 companies in over 100 countries.

By now, you probably have half a dozen browser windows open, all containing ideas and tools to help save money and make tax day (slightly) more bearable.

Help us help you!  Don’t make us stage an intervention.

Bryan Peters

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