Line Vac Cleans Drilling Operation on a Sand Casting

Many of our customers desire a way to remove machining debris from their processes right as the debris is created. Here is an instance where it has worked out well.

A customer who is making sand castings was drilling holes into the green sand before the casting was poured. The drilling process created a lot of dust and debris from out of the drilled hole. They needed a secondary cleaning operation to remove the debris so it did not affect the quality of the finished casting, and they did not always get the results they desired.

We outfitted this customer with a 1″ Line Vac which they were able to mount within 1/4″ of the drill bit to suck the debris right from the process and transfer it into a large container for future use.

This application worked out very well because our customer was able to get close to the debris they needed to remove. Many customers want to do the same thing but think they can mount the suction end of the Line Vac a few inches away from the material they want to remove. But it just doesn’t work that way…

Just like your vacuum cleaner at home, it is the vacuum air flow across the dirt which puts it in motion and into the vacuum cleaner. When you place an attachment on the end of your vacuum hose, you do not pull stuff from 3 or 4 inches away, you need to get close to it to pull it into the hose. It is the air flow across the dirt which picks it up.

If you took a penny and placed it on the floor, covered it with your vacuum hose and pressed a the hose on the floor to prevent any air from coming in and then turned on your vacuum – the penny would not move. But as soon as you lifted the hose and allowed some air to flow past the penny, the air would pick up the penny.

It’s the same way on our birthday folks – you don’t suck out your candles, you blow them out. In order to suck them out you would burn your lips because you have to get so close to the flame to get good vacuum air flow running by the flame to exhaust it.

So if you are considering a Line Vac to pull debris right from your machining process, make sure you can get in close proximity of the operation for success.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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