What is truth?

Many years ago a Roman Politician asked the question “what is truth?”. Should we ask this of ourselves, the companies we work for and customers we serve? Or is the question invalid in 2010 where deceit, rumors and misleading statements are rampant and most often retracted after the truth is known.  

To answer the question we need only look back at the last eighteen months. Major corporations, politicians, banks and individuals who we looked up to for their honesty and truth fell short of our expectations. Did they ask what is truth,  know the truth or speak the truth?

A good personal relationship or a company’s reputation built over years can erode slowly like stone, crumble under pressure and lies or like the ancient city of Pompeii be buried if truth is not a watchword for all?

We live in a world of diminishing deception where truth can no longer be considered  relative. Individuals, corporations even family members, all must walk the talk in truth and honesty. Why some may ask? Not because  almost everything is searchable, on record or open for scrutiny but because there is a clear link between truth and honesty. A false statement is dishonest so let us work for truth and honesty in everything we do.

Ivan Banks
Business Development

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