Case of the Missing Shipment

One of EXAIR’s products is a Vortex Tube. A Vortex Tube  generates refrigerated air from compressed air with no moving parts to wear out and no chemicals to replenish. These attributes fit very well with my customer’s application so he purchased one. A week later he called and asked where his order was as he had not received it yet. Our records showed that we had shipped the day he placed the order. We did a tracking search which told us when they had received it and who had signed for it.

I suggested he contact the person who had signed for it which would help us begin tracking it within his facility. He must have been having a bad day because he was not satisfied with that answer. He demanded we send a replacement.  In an effort to defuse what could escalate into an ugly situation, I told him I would see what I could do and get back to him.

Immediately after hanging up with him, I called back to his company and asked for the person who had signed for the missing package. In talking with him he acknowledged receiving the shipment but somehow it came up missing.  I then called my customer back to reassure him the product had arrived. Two days later I got a call from him apologizing and that he had found it. A guy in the tool room was using it to keep his lunchbox cool!

As it turned out, after the tool room folks saw a Vortex Tube for the first time, they realized its potential for their machining operations. They kept it and my customer ordered another one for himself.

Customer service is not our top priority. It is our ONLY priority!  As you can see, it pays to be customer focused.

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Application Engineer
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