It’s Fair Time

We were at a cook out, and the grill master asked if the ground cow was ready. The term disturbed one young lady until it was explained to her that ground cow is hamburger.  Interestingly, as we become more urbanized, some of the basic facts of life we learned on the farm not so long ago are being lost.

Agricultural shows (Fairs) are an important part of cultural life in small country towns, and popular events in larger towns and cities. Shows range from small events in small towns usually lasting two days, through medium-sized events of three days, to large state fairs lasting a couple of weeks.

American county fairs developed in the 1800’s and was a venue to show new equipment and farming techniques. Over time entertainment has been added.  In the 1900’s the 4H groups were sponsored. The focal point of 4H has been the idea of practical and hands-on learning, which came from the desire to make public school education more connected to rural life. Early programs tied both public and private resources together to benefit rural youth.chicken

One of  the employees at EXAIR has 3 kids in 4H and they live in the city. Their project this year was to raise market chickens for show but ultimately for the table. It was a learning experience for all three as it required teamwork and responsibility for the care and welfare of the brood. Their efforts were rewarded by being able to show their three best at the fair, having them judged and then auctioned off. The community well supports the program as these three went for $150. It is not the value of the chicken but donors way of supporting the program and pocket-money for the kids.

Our children are our future. Activities like 4H, Junior Achievement, Scouts, and others prepare them to be respectful, responsible future citizens. We are certain there are many other programs out there for our kids to participate in, do you have a favorite? We appreciate hearing about what is learned from these programs. Our employee here has found that 4H has provided the kids an opportunity to be active, responsible, and accountable while developing a good sense of community.

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