The Many Faces of Santa Clause

I am fascinated by the various Christmas traditions and faces of Santa Clause throughout the world.   My favorite Santa version  is known as Ded Moroz from Siberia. He looks a bit intimidating but that may be an incentive as to whether or not you choose to be good or bad.

In Yugoslavia, they kind of roll  what we celebrate as Halloween, Mother’s Day and Christmas gift giving all in one. On the second Sunday before Christmas, the children creep in and tie their mother’s feet to a chair and shout, “Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day, what will you pay to get away?” She then gives them presents. Children play the same trick on their father the week after.

The children celebrating Christmas in China decorate trees with colorful ornaments. These ornaments are made from paper in the shapes of flowers, chains and lanterns. They also hang muslin stockings hoping that “Christmas Old Man” will fill them with gifts and treats. Santa Claus is called Dun Che Lao Ren which means “Christmas Old Man.”.

In China they call this season the Spring Festival and celebrate with many festivities that include delicious meals and pay respects to their ancestors. The children are the main focus of these celebrations, they receive new clothes and toys, eat delectable food and watch firework displays.

Catered lunch of Christmas past.

The one thing that is common among all traditions is…Food.  And I’m here to tell you there is tons of food around the office during the holiday season and the company caters in a lunch.

In the past, after all the binging is over, we have had diet competitions. I’ve never been successful with that and just carry the extra weight for the remainder of the year. Yep, each year I add another pound. I’ve been with EXAIR for 20 years and have put on 20 pounds.



During this holiday season, more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. Thank you and may peace, prosperity, & happiness be yours throughout the holidays and new year.



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