Ion Bars Can Be Configured So That The High Voltage Power Cable Can Exit The Ion Bar On Either End

Ion Bar

It’s true. EXAIR offers this choice of cable exit on all lengths of Ion Bar. So, if you are trying to make a neat installation where all of the power cables are on one side of your machine, simply contact one of our Application Engineers and request to have as many ion bars as you need to be ‘reverse loaded’. They can provide you with the correct model number and price for this option at your request.

The Ion Bars do need to be manufactured to the desired configuration at the factory. The manner in which we designate the reverse loaded option is to add “L” to the end of any normal EXAIR Ion Bar model number. For example, if the customer wants a 24” Ion Bar that is reverse loaded, the new model would be Model 7024L.

Being able to change the cable exit is one of many options we have with our equipment that allow for customization into various applications. Feel free to contact an EXAIR Application Engineer today to discuss your unique requirements.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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