Video Blog: How To Change The Shim Of A Super Air Amplifier

EXAIR’s Super Air Amplifiers increase the volume of air in a blow off, cleaning, venting or cooling application. The air gap is set by a patented shim design which provides the highest amplification ratio in the industry. The patented shim can be changed in order to provide more or less volume and force upon the application. The 3/4″ – 4″ Super Air Amplifiers come with a .003″ shim installed and a .006″ or .009″ shim available when more force and flow are needed. Our largest Super Air Amplifier, the 8″ model, has a .009″ shim installed and has a .015″ shim available when extreme force and flow are necessary.  Check out the video below showing how to change the shim of a Super Air Amplifier.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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