Joe Will be Retiring Soon

new paradigm ahead

As the title of my blog states, our long-time friend and colleague, Joe Panfalone will be retiring soon. And as the sign above indicates, that means a new paradigm awaits Joe and how he lives his life from now on. Instead of being awakened each day by a rude alarm clock to signal the beginning of his day, he will get up when he is darn good and ready! And instead of fighting the rush-hour traffic to get to and from work each day, he can leave to go wherever he wants, whenever he wants and however he wants, except maybe for those doctor appointments!

Joe isn’t quite ready for the old folks’ home though. He has plans to do some travelling, go camping, fishing and maybe even hiking with his rather new additions, the bionic knee and a left-handed machete! He has been working on getting his camping gear together over the last year or so. He is a great prepper. Some of the doomsday folks could take a lesson or two from him!

In all seriousness Joe, as you move on to add some new chapters to your already long book of life, it is my sincerest hope that you enjoy every minute of it in high spirits, good health and in the company of good friends and family.

Your young buddy.

Neal Raker

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