EXAIR operational status re: COVID-19 Coronavirus – update 03/17/2020

To all of our valued partners-

As global and local concern about the current COVID-19 outbreak grows, we’re doing our best to keep everyone healthy and safe in the workplace while also minimizing the disruptions to our day-to-day operations.  At the same time, the landscape is changing almost by the day.  New public restrictions are in place today that were not in place yesterday.  The US is just entering the most crucial phase of this outbreak, if the lessons of other countries are any guide.

We plan to remain open for business as long as we have the choice.  If circumstances or new government mandates dictate otherwise, we will adjust accordingly.

Here is what we are doing as an organization:

  • We are closely monitoring the situation.  Misinformation and fear can spread more virulently than the virus itself.  We want to discourage false information from circulating. If you’re looking for trusted, up-to-date information, we recommend visiting the specific coronavirus websites of the CDC or the WHO.
  • We have increased the level of cleaning in our facility, both in frequency and intensity, including disinfecting surfaces and touch points in public areas with hospital-grade cleaning solutions.
  • We have split our on-site personnel into two shifts, with a one-hour separation period between the shifts for cleaning and sanitization.
  • We have an increasing number of non-production employees now working remotely.
  • We have cancelled all scheduled business travel for the months of March and April.
  • Visits to customer facilities, even local ones, are now prohibited until such time as conditions improve.
  • Non-essential visits to/from vendors or potential vendors and salespeople are also now prohibited until such time as conditions improve.
  • We are urging our employees to stay home if they are sick or if they have been in contact with a potentially infected person.
  • We have removed all communal food and drinks from our workplace.

In terms of our business, here is where we are right now.  This is always subject to change as conditions change.

  • We are open for business and operations are proceeding on a modified basis to continue to supply our distributors and partners around the world.
  • We have confirmed, to the degree that we can, that we are not yet experiencing nor do we have any clear expectations of severe disruptions in our supply chain.  We do have a couple of items that are out of stock currently, but those conditions are not a result of supply chain disruption.

We hope to continue operating, but our advice to our partners is that this is not a time to run lean on inventory.  Commercial flights are being severely reduced.  Freight carriers have already started to pare back their shipment frequency.  And government mandates could impact these services, our operations or your operations at any time.

If you have need of product, we urge you to get your orders in as soon as possible and take shipments ASAP.  If further restrictions on operations or orders to shelter in place are issued, we will not be able to continue operations no matter how much we are determined to do so.

These circumstances are unlike any we have faced during most of our lifetimes.  Time will tell if the measures being taken are too much or too little.  As the situation evolves, our plan will also evolve.

We will keep everyone informed of the road ahead as it becomes clearer.

Thank you-

Bryan Peters, President
EXAIR Corporation

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  1. As always, EXAIR is ahead of the curve. Good job being pro-active and looking out for the best interests of both your employees and customers!

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