Using EXAIR Magnet Bases and Stay Set Hoses

Mag Bases come with one or two outlets. Stay Set Hoses come in lengths from 6″ to 36″.

I had a customer call me today asking about a blowoff solution that has flexibility with regards to repositioning, as their jobs were subject to change position. EXAIR has accessories that allow an added flexibility to be built into your process withour Magnet bases and Stay Set Hoses. Many of our customers have used these with our air knives, safety air nozzles, static eliminators, safety air guns and many other products.

Our magnet bases come in three options. We have a one outlet magnet base, 2 outlet magnet base and a one outlet swivel with a magnet base. These all come with a valve that can be used to vary the force and flow of the compressed air.

For applications where frequent repositioning of the air product is required, the Flexible Stay Set Hoses are ideal. Simply mount the hose in close proximity to the application, and bend it to your desired configuration. Since the hose has memory, it will not creep or bend. It will always keep the aim until physically moved to the next position and will withstand temperatures of up to 158° F (70° C). The Stay Set Hoses come in 6″, 12″, 18, 24″, 30″, and 36″ lengths and options of 1/4 MNPT x 1/8 FNPT or 1/4 MNPT x 1/4 MNPT.

The combination of our Stay Set Hoses and Magnet Bases will accommodate Air Nozzles and Jets along with our smaller Air Knives, Air Wipes, Super Air Amplifiers and can also be assembled to our Safety Air Guns. There are many uses for our Stay Set Hoses and Magnet bases such as part cleaning, liquid blowoff, part ejection and many more. While purchasing our Intelligent Compressed Air products, consider all of our accessories to help bolster your point-of-use tools. If you have an application and have questions please contact EXAIR and one of our Application Engineers to answer your questions.

Eric Kuhnash
Application Engineer
Twitter: Twitter: @EXAIR_EK

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