Super Air Knife Accessories

There is no question that the Super Air Knife is the most alluring air knife on the market. Today we are going to do a little runway show to showcase some of its enticing accessories. On its own, the Super Air Knife already offers these generous features; laminar airflow, quiet OSHA approved operation, 40:1 amplification ratios, and the velocity on these could literally blow you away. But there are options that can make these shiny marvelous tools even better.

1st on the carpet, we have the Universal Mounting System. This is a sheer work of beauty. The simplistic, yet practical design offers you a high level of mounting options. This charmer can help you achieve any position or angle desired with the simple turn of a nut. You can mount this on the top of the Super Air Knife by simply removing a few screws and skillfully placing the bracket in place followed by resetting with the same screws, just be sure to torque them back to 7.5 ft-lbs. If you want to mount this from the bottom it is very easy as well, you just need to BYOB (bring your own bolts). You may need more than one mounting kit to be secure depending on the length and type of your tool. You will need one mounting system for aluminum knives up to 23″, two for Knives from 24″ – 54″, three for knives 55″ – 71″, four for knives 72″ – 95″ and five for knives over 96″. When purchasing your state of the art Super Air Knife, don’t forget this stylish accessory, this is what the cool people buy…

Next in line, we have our inviting Plumbing Kits. These beasts add flare and purpose to your Super Air Knife like no other. When you grow out of the kid’s section, and purchase these longer Knives (more than 24″), these plumbing kits can change your world. No longer will you need to plumb your airlines to the Super Air Knife every 12″ or so, these bad boys will allow you to use one inlet of air with the Air Knives from 24″- 59″ and only two air inlets (each end) on Knives from 60″ – 108″. Not only are these Plumbing Kits a huge time and resource saver, we will happily install them for you, making your install that much easier. If that’s not tempting, I don’t know what is.

Next on the runway are our enticing Coupling Bracket Kits. What better way to add length to these shiny pieces of genius than to marry them off to one another. That’s right, these will allow you to join together 2 (or more) of these silver colored beauties to gain additional length. If 108″ isn’t long enough for you, we can get you what you desire by simply coupling Super Air Knives together. These coupling kits have two hard metal (material matches the metal of the Air Knife) plates that screw partially on to the end of each knife, forever fusing this union.

Our last showing today are our tempting Shim Sets. Shims allow us to control the volume of air that comes out of the air knife. Like all things beautiful, these come in different colors and sizes. For our Super Air Knives, these come installed with our everyday sized red shim that is 0.002″ thick. For a thinner selection, we offer our Amber shim that is only 0.001″. If you prefer this to be a little thicker, we offer our tan shim that is 0.003″. And for those of you that need that big beautiful green shim, it comes in at 0.004″ thick. One of the greatest features of these Shim Sets is that you can take advantage of more than one shim at a time, giving you up to a 0.008″ thick air gap for maximum airflow.

I hope you have enjoyed our Super Air Knife Accessory lineup today. If you have any questions, or want to purchase some of these fine accessories, please don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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Cover photo by glorife and licensed by Pixabay

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