I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

I was listening to some ancient music from the post war era…no not the Gulf  War but WWII.  A song came on titled “I am Forever Blowing Bubbles“. Things were a bit more simplistic back in  the 40’s and it was reflected in their music.

Sometimes simple is better as in the case of an engineering firm that I worked with recently. They were prepared to design a complicated system to remove bubbles in an adhesive being applied to a substrate.

When the adhesive is prepared and filled into the dispensing equipment, it is full of bubbles. These are transfered through the application process and get trapped when the laminating film is applied. Installing a Model 110018, 18″ Super Air Knife across the applied glue, they were able to burst the glue bubbles as well as distribute the glue more evenly across the surface.

Within less than 30 minutes they had the air knife installed, problem fixed, and a very happy customer. To state in the simplistic 40’s humor, everybody lived happily ever after.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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