Lets Start 2009 Off in the Right Direction

One of our customers manufactures “comfort cushioning” or pillows and fabric batting to you and I. The production of the fabric batting begins with cutting the polyester fiber strands, capturing the strands and moving the strands into the padding machine which makes the non-woven web of batting.

The fibers are dropped through a 60″ wide nozzle when they dispense into the padding machine and they have been unable to provide reasonable containment of the fibers which have to be cleaned from other machine parts and from other areas of production. The fiber strands needed to be kept moving in the right direction and contained.

EXAIR provided a 60″ wide Super Air Knife which provides an uninterrupted 60″ wide air flow in a small profile which fit into the area nicely. The air kept the product flowing in the right direction while creating a barrier to keep the fibers from other areas. The air knife successfully reduced houskeeping time and lost fibers.

If you need to move in the right direction in 2009, let us know.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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