Super Air Knife Separates Recycled Material

Our Super Air Knife has been used in applications across various industries, from medical manufacturing to foundries, clean rooms to garbage processing. This example in the recycling industry highlights many of the Super Air Knife’s advantages.

A recycled material customer initially needs to separate the light stuff from the heavy stuff. They have chosen an EXAIR Super Air Knife to do this. The concentrated stream of air can remove the lighter shredded paper and plastics from the heavier materials like cans and bottles.

The Super Air Knife was mounted across the conveyor to blow upward at one of the head pulleys. The small footprint of the air knife is only 1.44″ x 1.75″ in profile, one advantage which does not interfere with the material stream.

The ability to install a pressure regulator and adjust the force of the air flow is another major advantage which allowed the customer to fine tune the force to a level which removes only the material they need at this point in the process.

And for what it is worth, this customer was looking for a solution quickly, we were able to send out two pieces of our 54″ Super Air Knife to a drop ship location the same day we received the Purchase Order.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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