Cabinet Cooler Cools Small Control Panel

Even the smallest of enclosures can benefit from cooling provided by an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler. 

I spoke to a company who manufactures surgical equipment.  They had a small control panel that was overheating, causing failure of the electrical equipment inside and thus shutdown of the accompanying machine.  These shutdowns are quite costly, because any products that are damaged due to the failure must be scrapped.  There is virtually no room for error in a surgical equipment manufacturing process.  So, any small flaw can be grounds for disposal. 

Even though the temperatures inside the cabinet are getting quite high, the overall heat load in the enclosure is small enough for our smallest unit to handle.  The environment requires a Nema 4X rated cooler.  Thus, our model 4608SS was perfect for the job.  It installs in a standard electrical knockout hole, and requires a minimal amount of compressed air.  So, the unit can be up and running in a matter of minutes, with little extra demand on their compressed air system. 

Being a medical manufacturing facility, the compressed air supply was already very well filtered and dried, so a complete Cabinet Cooler Kit was not necessary.  Also, the customer opted to forego a thermostat and solenoid valve combination to control the air supply to the cooler.  They instead preferred to simply tie it into the operation of the machine, so the unit would be running whenever the machine was operational, and off when it wasn’t.  This ensured that cooling would be provided any time there was potential for heat to be generated inside the enclosure, and prevent any of the unwanted shutdowns they had been experiencing.

The installation of the cooler provided a low cost, reliable way to prevent future heat-related issues and essentially eliminated scrapped parts due to failed equipment, creating cost savings for them. 

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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