Permanent Temporary Fix

A major diesel truck manufacturer contacted me with a problem that they were having filling the radiators will coolant. If you have ever changed your own anti-freeze, you know that you have to run the engine and gradually fill the radiator to get out any entrapped air. This is not an option on the assembly line.

They had been using an expensive metered vacuum fill system that was prone to pump cavitation. The system went down and they had to come up with a quick fix until repair parts came in. I suggested our Model 6196 Reversible Drum Vac.  This is a venturi generated vacuum.  It is not susceptible to cavitation and can move 55 gallons in 90 seconds.

The tempory fix worked so well that they mothballed the metered fill system and continued to use the Reversible Drum Vac.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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