Chip Vac Replaces Electric Vacuum

You may have seen the ad we have placed in trade magazines over the past few years. It shows a guy carrying his electric vacuum to the dumpster, again, and again. The dumpster is filled with the ghosts of variously shaped and sized electric vacuums from jobs past. Illustrating, of course, the despair of a production man losing yet another electric vacuum.

Here is what we know; most electric vacuums are not made for continuous duty and will burn up prematurely when exposed to continuous duty. Our Chip Vac is a great replacement for vacuum jobs which are leaving a trail of broken electric vacuums.

I spoke with a customer who was in a dirty, dusty, continuous duty environment. They are a thermo-spray company applying powdered metal to the surface of printed circuit boards. They had just burnt up their second electric vacuum in two weeks. And though this result was not typical he was not happy about the two or three electric vacuums he was using per year.

With no moving parts to wear out or break, the Chip Vac can run continuously without requiring maintenance, cleaning or lubrication. There is no requirement for our Chip Vac to rest and cool down. Nor any required hearing protection from the noise produced by our Chip Vac.

This product mounts on to a customer-supplied 55 gallon drum and EXAIR provides the vacuum head, drum lid and necessary accessories for a successful application (MORE INFORMATION). It has the power necessary for heavy metal chips and unmatched durability.

Make you next burnt up electric vacuum your last burnt up electric vacuum by replacing it with EXAIR’s Chip Vac.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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