Super Air Nozzle Preserves Beverages

Its getting to be that time of year.  The temperatures are rising and Summer is quickly approaching.  On a hot, sunny afternoon, nothing sounds better than an ice cold 20-oz bottle of your favorite soft drink.  How disappointing would that be if you were to open it up, only to find out that it had gone completely flat, or worse yet, that some of it had evaporated or leaked out? 

Well, I spoke to a company last week who is building a system for a bottling plant to eliminate such unfortunate events.  These problems are almost definitely caused by a bad cap, either cracked or loose.  So, the bottling company was looking for a solution to remove improperly capped bottles from their conveyor line once they had been detected by the upstream sensor. 

The bottles are of course full at the point at which they would be ejected from the conveyor line.  So, they were going to need a product that would provide a forceful enough stream of air to fully remove it, and concentrated enough to only remove the reject bottle.  A full 20-oz bottle of soda weighs approx 22oz.  So, I recommended our model 1104SS Stainless Steel Super Air Nozzle. 

It will provide approx 33oz of force at our recommended 80psi of inlet pressure.  So it will be more than sufficient to completely remove the rejected bottle from the line so it will not disturb the other bottles.  At a distance of 6″ away from the bottles, the air stream will be just under 3″ wide, so it will cover the entire width of a single bottle, again without disturbing the other bottles in the line.

The installation of this nozzle will virtually eliminate any badly capped bottles ending up in the hands of the consumer, and putting a bad taste in their mouths about a certain brand of soda.

Emily Mortimer
Application Engineer

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