‘Tis the Season

The season for Cabinet Cooler applications. The hot summer months produce increased electrical cabinet failures, temperature alarms in cabinets, and components tripping out due to heat.

We have many customers call up and ask “how much for your largest Cabinet Cooler”, thinking they can cover all their bases with a quick fix. It is important, however, to properly size the Cabinet Cooler to closely match your BTU/hr requirements. A properly sized Cabinet Cooler along with a thermostat control is the most efficient choice.

EXAIR understands you are calling due to a problem which needs to be fixed quickly, and we can still get you a fast solution. To size a Cabinet Cooler properly we need an internal temperature of your cabinet compared to the external temperature, both under current conditions. This can be done simply by placing an HVAC thermometer into the cabinet and letting it regulate for 20 minutes or so.

We are looking for internal ambient temperature, so we warn against using an infrared thermometer which will provide surface temperature of the components. These temperatures are generally higher than ambient and could also produce an oversized Cabinet Cooler recommendation, reducing efficiency.

I mention the temperature because it is a critical part of sizing a cooler.  We also need dimensions and NEMA ratings. All of the information we will need is outlined in our Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide. Simply fill this out, submit it and you will get the fast answer you need. You gather the information; we will do the calculations and respond with a recommendation.

All Cabinet Coolers are in stock and can ship same day on purchase orders received before 3:00 PM eastern daylight savings time.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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