Flue Stack Booster

I was approached by a customer in the waste management business. He was having a problem with downdraft when they first start up the incinerators. The stacks are cold so they do not updraft properly. He had previously tried inline boosters and fans, but they tend to corrode and fail. He wanted something reliable and maintenance free.

I suggested he rig an EXAIR High Temperature Air Amplifier onto a pipe elbow, insert the other end of the of the elbow through the flue stack and point it upwards. The high velocity air from the amplifier provided ample updraft until the stacks warmed up and natural draft was established. When the stacks would draft on their own, the compressed air was turned off.

Since the High Temperature Air Amplifier is good for temperatures up to 700F, it is not affected by the heat from the stack. Also, being mounted on the outside of the stack, it is not subjected to crud build up from the dirty flue gasses.

In the end my customer got what he was looking for, something reliable and maintenance free.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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