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My blog entry sneaks up on me every week. Immediately after I write this one, I will begin thinking about the next one. How to formulate it, what to write about, if it should be a straight forward application or should it be a round-about meandering long-winded post (the latter is clearly my choice for this week). But then additional things arise at work and I rarely have a blog ready before it is due.

It is similar to someone at your plant seeing the utility bill, thinking of some ways to cut costs (perhaps by reducing your compressed air consumption), and maintaining all the good intentions to cut costs until another task runs across the desk which needs dealt with. Then another task, and another fire to put out…Then the next utility bill sneaks up again and the good intentions cycle rolls along.

But there are the weeks where my blog is done before it is due, those good intentions had been put into action and the deadline goes by without a notice (and usually without a reminder to start thinking about the next blog) and my time is well spent with other tasks rather than crunching a blog entry. Putting good intentions into action is probably they only true way to prove you had them to begin with. Without action, intent remains worthless.

So back to the plant utility bill, and a good idea or two for minimizing the expense. Put those ideas into action. Outfit the open blow-offs with engineered air nozzles, ask your utility provider if they have an incentive program for reducing compressed air costs. Retrofit your existing blow off applications with simple controls to turn them off when not needed rather than running them continuously. Measure your air consumption, identify and fix your leaks.

Those intentions can be put into action little by little and the results can be real and measurable each month. EXAIR can help you with questions you may have about these processes and solutions. Give us call and prove those intentions.  

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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