It’s All in the Fine Adjustment

My young son made me aware of a fine adjustment he made for himself on Saturday morning. As he strolled through the kitchen I quickly noticed the shortness of his pants, not to mention they had holes in the knees and tattered hems. I first mentioned how much he has grown and how much taller he is since the last time he wore those pants, and then went on to state how clearly short they were.

     He offered me a simple answer “It’s OK Dad, I put on long socks”. An in arguable and true testament to our ability to make fine adjustments.

EXAIR largely shows all of the performance numbers for our products at 80 PSIG. It is in part because we know it is a common available pressure from our customer base. It also saves some space when printing material or setting up web pages etc…

Some customers assume that this is the only working pressure of the products, which is not the case. All of our blow off products and static eliminators perform very well and provide solutions from 10 PSIG up to a maximum of 250 PSIG of inlet pressure. And any of the pressures in between can be produced with a simple pressure regulator.

In fact, we include a pressure regulator in any of the blow off or static eliminator product kits. A pressure regulator is an important part of keeping your compressed air applications as efficient as possible. A rule of thumb states every 2 PSIG of decreased pressure saves 1% compressed air energy cost.

Regulating the pressure not only allows you to operate your application at as low a pressure as possible but also allows you to adjust the results of the blow off application. A common application for a Super Air Wipe has been to produce the proper amount of finish coating on round stock like tool handles or coated metal tubes. This cannot be adjusted with a blower product or without a pressure regulator. A Super Air Knife is also commonly used to produce specific thickness of a coating on webs or other flat stock, a pressure regulator is the key to success.

Just think of it as putting on long socks.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer
EXAIR Corporation

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