Help EXAIR by Providing Feedback

Typically we use this blog space to illustrate an application in your normal problem/solution format. Our aim is to help you learn more about what our products can do and how they provide the results.

But today, using a little different approach, I am asking you to let us know what we are doing which could be done better or what we do not do and you think we should. I am aware that feedback from our customers and potential customers is an invaluable asset we may not always pursue in more and creative ways. The EXAIR blog presents itself as a new and more creative way to get some feedback.

So – Please provide us some feedback. Whether it is about our catalog, our website, a specific product, product information, customer service, etc… We would like to know what you think. We are all in this together and it would be difficult for us to go on making all of our decisions without some help from you.

Don’t be shy, leave your comments at this blog or tweet me @exair_ke.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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