Do Health and Safety Regulations Add Cost?

Like everyone else in the manufacturing sector, I’ve struggled with ever-changing regulations. When all the groaning and moaning was over, we always seemed to  have worked our way through it. At first, compliance is not cost-effective but the drive to bottom line profitability made us think outside the box and ways to turn a negative into a positive.

Back in my machining days, we were forced to change from petroleum-based coolant to water based coolant. The stuff turned rancid, stunk worse than road kill, and presented a disposal problem. This gave birth to a new industry building in-house filtration systems so that the coolant could  be cleaned and used again. These in-house systems were time-consuming to get up and running and they were expensive.

EXAIR recently introduced a product that I wish I had available back then. It is the Chip Trapper . This product not only sucks out the machine sump, but filters the coolant and returns it back into the machine. Cost is modest and the return is high.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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