Going Lean

The other day I had difficulty getting my pants buttoned. I’ve been putting on weight and I refuse to go up is pant size. So I have decided to go on a diet. Now I see why they call it a di-et. You go through your day dying to eat! I have even waken up in the middle of the night from hunger pangs.

They recommend excercise along with your diet so I got on the treadmill. Dang! After 20 minutes walking to nowhere, the meter only registered 75 calories. At that rate it will take 7.3 hours to burn off the calories from a cheeseburger! I could see that this was not going to fly.

Consulting a calorie chart I found vegetable low in calories. I love vegetables. So during the lean times between meals, I munch on my veggies and it holds me until my next meal.

During this economic downturn, companies have put their operations on a diet so to speak. They have eliminated non-essential employees, all but eliminated capital expenditures, and sadly reduced their research and development budgets. This is a short-term fix but when the economy turns around they are going to go hungry not being prepared for new business.

Much the same way as I rearranged my calorie intake, EXAIR rather than cutting, rearranged our efforts to better serve our customers. We have released 300 new line items, introduced social networking as another venue to reach our customers, and produced training videos that you can view from our website. We don’t plan on going hungry nor lose our customers just because the economy slowed down.

If you have a project that has been put off because of budget cuts, I would welcome you to call one of our engineers to work out the technical details of your application now. Then when the economy turns around you will have layed out the groundwork and prepared to implement. This will position you ahead of your competition.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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