Do you have static issues no matter the time of year?

Do you have static issues that have affected the cleanliness of your working environment?  How about when you perform a color change on a molding operation?

No matter what you do to blow, wipe, sweep or otherwise clean the area, are you still left with a few stragglers? 

What about your operators and finished goods? Do, they look like they just took a bath in the scrap material flying around the area? Do your finished goods have a little more included in with them than they should? Are your customers coming to you and asking you to clean up your act?

If you have static year-round, no matter how humid or dry conditions may be, then EXAIR has some help for you. We manufacture industrial Static Eliminators which can be used for in-process elimination of those troublesome static charges that cause material to stick to the machines, walls, floors, operators and everything else in sight. Contact one of our Application Engineers for help in determining how our Static Elimination equipment can best help you.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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