Time for Spring Cleaning

Here in Cincinnati the winds of spring have arrived. Now it is time for spring cleaning which includes washing windows, cleaning out the garage, tuning up the mower, and the list goes on. One item that is often overlooked is cleaning out the medicine chest.

With the cost of prescriptions I hang on to unused or leftover prescription pills, syrups, creams and ointments because someday I will need them again. After reading an article from our local hospital I realized that this might not be a good idea because over time they lose their potency.

The next question is how to dispose of these. Flushing them down the drain sends them into our rivers and streams. The US Fish and wildlife has reported pharmaceuticals have crept into our water sources and is having a negative effect on fish and wildlife. The FDA has issued guidelines for disposal.

While we are on the topic of spring cleaning, I would suggest you update your catalog library. EXAIR has introduced a substantial number of compressed air saving products. Our OPTIMIZATION products focus on saving your air. And much of our core product line reduces your compressed air usage. You do not want to miss any opportunities to improve your processes by decreasing compressed air consumption and to save your company money. You can get the latest  catalog copy by clicking on this link or register in our Knowledge Base to add digital information to your library.

You will find 2D drawings and 3D models, both in multiple formats. You can also download digital catalog files, look through our long list of FAQ’s, view our products’ PowerPoint presentations and see our videos.  Over 800 applications can be sorted and you can take advantage of our air savings calculators to see how quickly you can get ROI or see how adding our air controlling product, the EFC, can  save you money.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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