Professor Penurious Debuts EXAIR’s Efficiency Lab

Our very own Professor Penurious (puh-noor-ee-uhs) has taken it upon himself to launch the EXAIR Efficiency Lab. The Lab is a new program from EXAIR used to compare your current compressed air products to EXAIR’s and determine if we can assist you in saving energy. Take a moment to look at the following video to get to know him. You’ll be glad you did!

Professor P., as you may note after seeing the video, is a tad bit eccentric, but who doesn’t have a few idiosyncrasies to overlook? OK-yes he is full of weirdness and non-conformity, but man is he good at saving energy! If he wants to ride his bike during a blizzard, let him. If he wants to buy his beef by the side, let him. If he wants to tell you to run your thermostat at 40F – don’t let him. We tried that and it only resulted in company issued Snuggies; not a good result. But the Professors’ heart is in the right place and he merely wants us all to save energy and resources.

That’s why he’s the perfect guy to be running the EXAIR Efficiency Lab. The Professor will gather details about your current compressed air application, evaluate it for effectiveness and efficiency and provide a detailed report to show if EXAIR can save you compressed air energy and money. The Efficiency Lab is a free service from EXAIR and Professor P., designed to keep companies using compressed air wisely.

The Professor has already let us know that he has no time for signing autographs, photo ops or questions but you can follow him on Twitter ( He simply wants to save you compressed air and our planets energy resources. We tried to argue with him and get him to lead the publicity launch but the last argument I had with him ended badly. When the argument was over, I awoke in a goat pasture with the faint memory of being struck with biodegradable tableware and smelling of patchouli oil. But I digress… So if you want to speak with anyone about EXAIR’s Efficiency Lab please contact one of our Application Engineers and we will get you started. As for the Professor, he’s usually busy working in the lab…

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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