Service Your Internal Customer to Build a Strong Team

A lot has been written on the importance of good customer service. Hands down it is the cornerstone of a viable business. Satisfying your customer’s wants and needs cheerfully and expeditiously leads to repeat business.  

But…have you ever considered your internal customer, the people who you work with? When they come to you for assistance  do you view this as a burden and an encroachment of your space? Or, do you respond as you would to your external customer going out of your way to see that their needs are met?

 Internal customer service is to building a strong efficient team as external customer service is to building sales. In sports, a team that works well together wins games.  A workforce that works together wins customers. In the end everyone wins. The customer’s needs are satisfied and the employees jobs are easier and more satisfying.

EXAIR is well-known for its customer service and ease of doing business with. That is because we have a strong internal team. While we all have job descriptions, they do not limit our activity but just describe the core of our activities. Serving the customer is everyone’s job description. How accurately and timely we each perform our core duties translates into serving our customers.

For example, we are proud of our 99.9% ontime deliveries. To accomplish that, our people will move from their jobs to help with any bottlenecks. There is no such thing as “that’s not my job” around here.

Much is touted about ISO 9000. We at EXAIR live it. We are all human and humans will make mistakes. The key is to correct them before they get too far. Everyone at EXAIR is on a constant vigilance for anything that does not seem copacetic. We have had shipping folks question why a customer is ordering a given component that does not match the function of other components they are ordering . A quick call to the customer to verify has saved them a lot of grief and delay.

EXAIR has introduced many new products. These were driven by customer inquiries not some scientist in the R&D department.  Our application engineers talk with hundreds of customers across all business sectors. Sometimes we do not have a product that will fulfill application needs. These are duly noted and put on a list for future consideration by our engineering staff.

 So you can see EXAIR’s success is centered in servicing both its internal and external customers. 

 Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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