The Most Interesting Professor in the Tri State

Well the long, hot summer is drawing to an end here.  I know I haven’t written much during that time, but as you will see in the new video, I’ve been quite busy.  And before anyone gets into a long Lindsay Lohan/Professor Penurious comparison, I would like to just say that I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Des Moines Police Department, and am thankful that they have decided to drop all charges.  I’ll say nothing more on the matter and thank you for respecting my (virtual) privacy. 

While it’s true that my love for energy efficiency in compressed air products drives my high-profile, danger filled life, my skills set is far more varied than that.  Although my recent ban from the American Cornhole Association, has taken one of great joys of competing out of my life, my friends here at EXAIR still allow me to practice my craft at our company cookouts as I see fit.  And no one here has complained about my coup d’etat of the maintenance department to install more efficient, green light sources throughout the building.  

The most positive thing over the summer has been successfully developing my own personal logarithm. This logarithm, after much modification and number crunching, has declared me, Professor Penurious – The Most Interesting Professor in the Tri State Area

Stay Thrifty my Friends,
Professor Penurious

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