Does Heavy Duty or Professional Grade Just Mean a Nicer Sticker?

Have you ever gone into a retail tool store to look at a new set of wrenches, an air compressor, or a new power tool, and see two different grades, the standard which we are all used to and then the “Professional” or “Industrial” grade? 
In the past year or so I have tried several different “Professional” grade power tools and other items.  However, what I have found is, it often just means the product might have a little more chrome or black on it.   Maybe it is just a different paint scheme all together with some “professional” grade vinyl decals.  Well here at EXAIR all of our product lines begin at Industrial Grade and improve from there.  We do offer different levels of the same product but you get more than just a different color or sticker.
Now the difference between one stores vacuum, and their Industrial Grade Vacuum is normally just the color of the plastic, and almost always the difference in price.  You are for the most part just getting a different color product with maybe a difference in the warranty.  Here at EXAIR if you see a difference in the name it means you are getting a different product.  Not just a different warranty or decal.  For instance, if you look at the difference between our Chip Vac and our Heavy Duty Dry Vac it is more than just a name change.  The product itself is made out of a different metal, along with the amount of vacuum flow you can achieve with this.  This doesn’t include the facts that compared to electric vacuums our Industrial Vacuums don’t have any internal moving parts to burn up or go out, such as, an electric motor, or bearings, or even the impeller veins.  This is not just on our Industrial Housekeeping Products either; it’s across the entire catalog.
Now this does not mean you are getting any difference in quality either.   Whether you order a Standard Air Knife, or a 316 Stainless Steel Super Air Knife, it is all the same outstanding quality that we put into all of our products. 
Not to mention, we have our 5 Year “Built to Last” Warranty against any defects in workmanship and materials on all of our compressed air products.  Along side of the 1 Year Warranty that applies to all accessories and electrically powered products. 
So the next time you are thinking about buying a new “Professional” Grade vacuum from a store to use in your industrial application or even your home garage why not take a look into some of our products which all carry the same high quality industrial grade products along with if it says Heavy Duty it doesn’t mean you just got a different sticker.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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