If You Think You Can or If You Think You Can’t – You’re Right

One of my favorite children’s story is  “The Little Engine that Could“. It exemplifies what can be achieved with a positive attitude and determination. In my senior years it bothers me that we have become a society of whiners with a proclivity to avert personal responsibilities.

The spirit that took our country from backwoods pioneers to a world dominate power in less than 200 years is waning away and along with it, our position in the world. The world used to buy american products because they were the most reliable and advanced. The tables have turned though.  Rather than our thinking that we could be competitive and having the determination to be so, we abdicated and shipped our industrial base overseas. This has been a windfall for the foreign economies at the expense of ours.

Our automakers who were once world dominant are in bankruptcy. Our textile industry was shipped off to countries supporting child labor. Our steel mills were sent to countries that do not have the environmental and safety regulations that we do. All because we thought we couldn’t and we did not have the fortitude to try otherwise.

Instead we have become a nation of whiners blaming everyone and everything else. We blame labor for high costs. Why is it then that the foreign automakers have plants in the US with american workers and produce a competitive product?

We blame government policies as being too restrictive on business. Be that as it may, doing business in other countries have their complexities as well.

The bottom line is if we are to regain what we have lost, it starts with ourselves. If you think you can or if you think you can’t you’re right!

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer
Twitter: www.twitter.com/exair_jp


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  1. Hey Joe, that’s one of my favorite quotes! Part of my personal development pathway brought me to that quote. I’m totally with you on putting the responsibility for the state of things back on us. Let’s MAKE this world the better place we dream of…I’m in!

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