They’re Coming (They’re Here?)! – The Facebook Generation

Also known as linksters,  “The Facebook Generation,” is a group of 15- to 19-year-olds that live and breathe technology. They still live at home and, unlike previous generations, are typically best friends with their parents. According to a study by public sector think tanks, this social-networking generation will rely on mobile technology, remote working,  and ‘pop up’ offices to get their jobs done. The next generation of workers will be more mobile, more informed, and more resistant to communication restrictions. Companies who today block Twitter, Facebook, etc. will have to rethink their internet policies. Social networking is here to stay and will shape the way we do business just as the internet did. 

Chris Capossela, a Microsoft Business Division senior vice president, who was involved with the launch of Microsoft’s Office 2010 offered these details;  The plan is to upgrade Office programs with social networking features and offering web-based versions of Word, Excel and other traditional software programs, pitting Microsoft more directly against Google Docs. With Microsoft commanding the lion’s share of office software, social networking is all but a sure thing. Employees will collaborate with one another via a social network whether it be an open or closed system.

EXAIR is prepared for the next generation.

We are on Facebook and we are on Twitter We  also continue to work with new technology platforms and products to easily get our information to customers.

So get ready for the Facebook generation or you might find yourself obsoleted by some “whipper snapper“.

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