Be Yourself, Even if You Are a Gangster

We managed to outfit three kids with Halloween costumes last night. An Eskimo princess, a gangster (1920’s) and Boba Fett from Star Wars. It struck me that my oldest son, the gangster, looked very hard at the costumes and responded with – I don’t want to be “someone”. Meaning he didn’t want to be Michael Jackson or Elvis or any actual character like Obi Wan Kenobi. It just didn’t make sense to him. I think he recognized the restraints trying to be someone else creates. I couldn’t agree more.

It’s a bit pathetic wanting to be someone else, not to mention the stellar role models like Michael Jackson, Elvis or Lady Gaga. How do you actually pull it off anyway?

Take note – I have dance moves, mad moves. I could give Elvis a run for his money, I know karate (I’ve seen Kung Fu Panda many times), I have rhythm and I can rock a jumpsuit. BUT, I sing like a chimpanzee – I couldn’t ever be Elvis. And I could swing my leg up like Michael Jackson and even scream like a girl due to the torn ACL. But again who could really match the showmanship?

I think we see so much of fame and fortune, we hear so much gossip and bombast that many of us ultimately believe that mimicking those things will bring similar results. When in reality a disingenuous cheap ripoff sticks out like a sore thumb.

The culture that is continually being built and formed at EXAIR allows us to be ourselves and represent the company at the same time (as this blog proves). The result is a genuine company.

A company with moves: we can ship same day, we confirm every order, we can manufacture some specials in a week, you can always speak with us, we answer e-mails super fast, we live chat, we tweet, Facebook, and blog. We work hard, we even make mistakes and get them remedied quickly.

We have seen a fair number of companies in costumes over the years, companies who want(ed) to be like EXAIR. We have seen them mimic everything from product to trademarks. Our trademarked Intelligent Compressed Air Products showed up as “crafty and cunning” (or something like that) at one competitor.  But they don’t ever have the moves. Remember a disingenuous cheap ripoff…

One such example is our Super Air Knife. It is the quietest most efficient compressed air knife on the market today. It has been copied time and time again. We have seen competitors use our exact performance numbers or publish better numbers. We have tested them all, and all have fallen short. It is obvious they haven’t even tested their own product! Our competitors customers are getting product which costs more to operate and that’s not worth it at ANY price. They have simply copied information, they don’t have the moves to  manufacture a truly competitive product.

So hats off to my boy, the gangster. The gangster he wants to be on Halloween. The boy who has already shown me the pose he’s going to strike during Halloween picture time.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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