Yet Another Way to Help You, Our Customer.

Now I do realize my previous blog was a little early in the season but it’s always good to be prepared is what I was always told. Don’t worry though, this week’s blog isn’t going to be about Thanksgiving or the upcoming holidays or my adorable 7 month old daughter. (I’m not partial to her being adorable, she really is.)

Instead, I would like to discuss yet another way that the team here at EXAIR tries to help you, the customer, determine the best product for your application. To go along with our email, phone, and live chat options of contact, we can often record a short informal video of a product demonstration and send it to you. As long as we have the means to process the request in-house then it is normally not an issue.

Most of our products already have produced videos that were put together by our marketing department. All of the formal videos are readily available on our website to watch at anytime through our Knowledge Base. The video below is a brief video that depicts a Line Vac conveying some small diameter rope. This would be very close to a trim operation or a continuous run conveyance operation (Or if you ever wanted to make your own Spider Man movie).

This video is just one that we have recorded for a customer that needed help with their application. Not to mention our 30 Day Guarantee on our entire catalog product.

Between our staff of Application Engineers diverse backgrounds and our vast history of applications we will do our best to find a precise fit for your application.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer
Twitter: EXAIR_BF

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