Very Rare

This level of excellence doesn’t come along every day.

I don’t believe what I just saw.  It’s a famous quote from Jack Buck that was used to describe Kirk Gibson’s pinch hit home run in the 1988 World Series, one of the most memorable postseason baseball moments of all time.

Millions of people were witnesses to something even more memorable last night.

EXAIR is located in Cincinnati.  Obviously, the town was abuzz yesterday before the Reds first appearance in the playoffs since 1995.  People were talking about watching the game, either at home or with friends (sports bars automatically give each patron an allotment of friends).

Three hours later, we couldn’t believe what we just saw.

Roy Halladay became the first major league pitcher to throw two no hitters in the same season since 1973 (Nolan Ryan) and the first to throw one in the postseason since 1956 (Don Larsen).  It was a masterful performance.  Stories about it will be told and retold for many years to come.  As Reds fans, we didn’t like the outcome but we got to witness something that is very rare indeed.

It’s not often that a person (or a team) displays a level of excellence that sets itself far apart from others trying to do the same thing. Those kinds of performances are memorable and unique.

Here at EXAIR, we have almost 90,000 customers. Many of them have their own supplier rating systems, so we get supplier “report cards” from customers on a regular basis. One that we received recently was memorable. This customer is a very large company that sells hundreds of thousands of products and has thousands of vendors. Our report card from this customer indicated a perfect score. Along with the report was a note from the supplier congratulating us on a perfect scorecard and commenting that they do not see those very often.

That sort of compliment from a customer that has thousands of vendors to evaluate was memorable.  EXAIR rose above the rest and delivered a performance that caught their attention.  Once more, I have to congratulate our team here at EXAIR for this achievement and many others that may never make it to this blog.

EXAIR isn’t like most vendors, and we never will be. We’ll always strive to set ourselves apart, above and beyond normal vendor performance.

Bryan Peters

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